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With rising house prices in BC, many people are opting to purchase a new or used manufactured home. But what many don’t realize is that manufactured homes are considered to be regulated products under the Safety Standards Act which means there are specific safety considerations. Here’s what you need to know before you buy or sell one.

How are manufactured homes certified?

Manufactured homes are required to be certified by a Standards Council of Canada accredited certification body to a nationally-recognized standard prior to sale. Oversight of the production of the product falls to the certification body until the label is affixed and the product leaves the factory. A complete certification provided by the certification body also covers the electrical and gas systems in the product. Technical Safety BC installation permits do not apply here – the product must be certified by an external certification body. Technical Safety BC has a gas appliances Directive and an electrical products Information Bulletin for approved certification marks.

Do used manufactured homes require certification?

Yes. In BC, used manufactured homes may only be offered for sale when they bear evidence of either a mark or a label of a certification agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada or an approval label (Silver Label) issued by Technical Safety BC. If your manufactured home does not have an acceptable certification mark or Silver Label, you must hire a licensed electrical contractor to inspect your manufactured home. (You can see what your electrical contractor will be looking for here). Next, a Technical Safety BC safety officer will complete a site assessment (inspection) to confirm all requirements have been met. If all of the necessary items have been addressed, the safety officer will approve the inspection and affix the Silver Label to the home. Note: Technical Safety BC certifies the manufactured home itself, not any additions or out buildings. If you have such structures needing approval, please seek guidance from your municipality. 

Additional Silver Label Resources

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When are permits required for manufactured homes?

A gas and/or electrical Technical Safety BC permit is required:

  • prior to connecting the certified manufactured home to the gas supply;
  • prior to connecting the certified manufactured home to the utility or park infrastructure;
  • when a licensed contractor is doing regulated work inside a manufactured home, or to an addition connected to the manufactured home.