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    5 Common Mistakes Families Should Avoid When Riding the Chairlift 

    To ensure you and your family have a safe, fun-filled day on the slopes, we’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes we see on the chairlift. 
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    Ski haul rope hit by truck

    A haul rope was hit by a dump truck driving on a mountain road—leading to a non-detained deropement and major damage to the overall ropeway.
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    Top 5 tips for keeping your kids safe on the chairlift this ski season

    Technical Safety BC's top 5 tips for keeping your kids safe on the chairlift this season.
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    Passenger ropeway and conveyor safety inspections

    The following list will help you prepare for your next safety inspection for your ski lift or passenger converyor.
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    TIPS UP! 10 safety tips to know before riding a chairlift

    10 tips to help make your experience riding a chairlift as safe as possible.
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    When on the slopes think safety over selfie

    Put safety over selfies. The biggest sources of chairlift related injury are unruly behaviour, distracted activity, and failure to follow safety signage.
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    Physical inspections: How do safety officers decide and prioritize?

    Physical inspections, how do safety officers decide and prioritize. What role does machine learning play in physical inspections.
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    Top 4 reasons why you should report incidents and hazards

    Do you know why you should report incidents and hazards? Here are four reasons than can benefit your organization.
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    Reporting Passenger Ropeways Incidents and Hazards

    All incidents and hazards involving Passenger Ropeways are to be reported to Technical Safety BC immediately or as soon as practicable.
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