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    7 Home Renovation Mistakes That Everyone Should Know About (With Real Incidents)

    Ready to start your dream home renovation? Learn about seven mistakes homeowners have made when tackling a home renovation (with real incidents).
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    Top 9 Contractor Advertising Questions Answered

    Regulation changes to contractor advertising requires licensed contractors in BC to add their licence number when advertising regulated work. Here are the most common questions related to the new advertising guidelines.
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    4 Valuable Tips for Heat Pump Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

    We put together four helpful reminders to ensure the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of heat pumps in British Columbia.
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    4 Tips to Help You Find the Right Contractor

    We've put together a list of tips to help you hire a reputable contractor that you can trust.
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    Top 10 Changes You Need to Know About the 2020 Natural Gas and Propane Codes

    To support you in the adoption of the 2020 B149 series of codes, we have put together a list of the highest impact changes.
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    RV Safety Tips Before Your Adventure

    Planning to drive across the country in your RV? If you're like many who are doing RV safety checks and getting their recreational vehicle ready for vacation, add carbon monoxide (CO) safety to the checklist.
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    Extreme cold weather safety tips for homeowners

    Winter weather in the forecast? Technical Safety BC reminds homeowners to take special care of their gas and electrical appliances in the cold weather.
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    8 signs your pet may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning

    8 signs your pet may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning: since pets are smaller and spend more time at home, they can exhibit signs of poisoning...
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    What safety officers look for during an amusement ride inspection

    Want to know what our safety officers are looking for when inspecting your amusement rides? Get prepared for their visit by reviewing this list.
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