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    Top FAQs About Electrical Operating Permits

    Read our top FAQs about electrical operating permits: their purpose, requirements, responsibilities, and consequences of non-compliance. Apply online today.
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    Extreme cold weather safety tips for homeowners

    Winter weather in the forecast? Technical Safety BC reminds homeowners to take special care of their gas and electrical appliances in the cold weather.
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    What safety officers look for during an amusement ride inspection

    Want to know what our safety officers are looking for when inspecting your amusement rides? Get prepared for their visit by reviewing this list.
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    Wildfires? Here's what you need to know about electrical and gas safety

    Impacted by wildfires? Review our tips around electrical and gas safety to stay safe.
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    How to manage stress corrosion cracking in new ammonia vessels

    If you own, operate, or design pressure vessels, you’ll want to understand what stress corrosion cracking is, why it’s dangerous, and what you can do to prevent it.
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    Ski haul rope hit by truck

    A haul rope was hit by a dump truck driving on a mountain road—leading to a non-detained deropement and major damage to the overall ropeway.
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    Electrical operating permits: what are they and do I need one?

    Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about electrical operating permits.
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    12 tips to ready your tracks for the winter

    Check out these tips to get your railway tracks ready for winter.
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    TIPS UP! 10 safety tips to know before riding a chairlift

    10 tips to help make your experience riding a chairlift as safe as possible.
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