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    4 Black Inventors Who Changed Technical Safety

    4 Black inventors that improved safety across railways, electrical, elevating and BPVR and made their mark in history.
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    Stuck in an Elevator? 3 Things You Must Know

    Getting stuck in an elevator can be scary. But it's important to stay calm and know what to do - and not to do. Here are our recommendations.
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    Physical inspections: How do safety officers decide and prioritize?

    Physical inspections, how do safety officers decide and prioritize. What role does machine learning play in physical inspections.
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    Top 4 reasons why you should report incidents and hazards

    Do you know why you should report incidents and hazards? Here are four reasons than can benefit your organization.
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    Own an Elevator or Escalator? Here's What You Need to Know

    Own an elevator or escalator? Here Technical Safety BC answer some of the common questions asked from elevating device asset owners.
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    10 Escalator Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    Surprising facts about elevators that you've never heard before.
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    9 Must-Know Escalator Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

    During Elevator and Escalator Safety Awareness Week (November 9 – 15), we remind parents and caregivers of the importance of teaching kids some basic escalator safety tips and modeling safe behaviour yourself. 
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    Ask an Elevating Device Safety Officer: Can Closed Escalators Be Used as a Stairway?

    There are reasons why escalators can't be used as stairs. Find out more here.
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