1. Helps prevent reoccurrences

Even the “minor” incidents and hazards count. Reporting these incidents and hazards increases the likelihood that repeating failures will be noticed and corrected before they develop into more serious ones.

2. Provides greater understanding of safety risks

If more incidents/hazards are reported, your organization and Technical Safety BC will gain greater awareness of safety risks and can draw greater insights which can help reduce or eliminate their reoccurrence in your organization and across the province. The data can be used for comparisons between organizations, industries, provinces, and countries.

3. Creates lessons learned within your organization and the industry

The information gathered from the reports can be shared across the industry to promote better safety systems.

4. Creates a safety-minded culture

Even though your organization, if conducting business in BC, is required to report all incidents and hazards to Technical Safety BC, you can create a stronger safety culture if you encourage all employees to report incidents and hazards. Employees will see that these reports are acted upon by the organization, which creates a culture of improvement can be created with two-way communication and everyone being part of the process.

When and how to report an incident or hazard to Technical Safety BC

All incidents and hazards are to be reported to Technical Safety BC immediately or as soon as practicable. Incidents and hazards can be reported to Technical Safety BC 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our web reporting form or by calling 1 866 566 7233. For emergency assistance call 911 or your local police or fire department directly.

Have you witnessed unsafe working conditions in an area we don't regulate? If so, please contact WorkSafeBC.

How can I view incidents reported to Technical Safety BC?

Incidents involving work or equipment regulated by the Safety Standards Act are reported in the State of Safety Report for the previous year. In addition, we investigate many of these incidents to gain an understanding of safety hazards in BC and what actions can be taken to manage those hazards. Learn more about our incident investigations and see a complete listing. Open data on all incidents reported to Technical Safety BC is available on our website. We communicate this information to industry with the hope that similar incidents can be prevented.