Powder coat ovens and paint spray booths are not only appliances, but also structures. While their installation must meet jurisdictional requirements, there are additional installation guidelines from Technical Safety BC.

To help clarify common issues seen during installation, we’ve put together these helpful reminders:

  1. Become familiar with the appropriate product approval or certification requirements: Powder coat ovens require approval to the CSA B149.3 Code. To obtain an approval, you can complete a design registration and product approval through Technical Safety BC or contact a recognized Inspection Body. The industrial process air heater portion of the spray booth requires certification through a recognized Canadian gas appliance standard.
  2. Obtain the correct appliance permits: Powder coat ovens and paint spray booths require gas and electrical installation permits issued by Technical Safety BC or the local government.
  3. Review any applicable acts and regulations: Powder coat ovens and paint spray booths must be installed in compliance with the Safety Standards Act, Electrical Safety Regulation, and the Gas Safety Regulation.
  4. Look into installation requirements for exhaust/venting systems: The installation instructions for powder coat ovens and paint spray booths must include requirements for installing ductwork, exhaust/venting system, wiring/controls, and structure location. Powder coat ovens and paint spray booths exhaust venting systems must comply with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  5. Check for additional approvals from applicable ministries of federal and provincial governments: Before installing these appliances, it’s important to check with federal and provincial governments as they may have additional approval or permit requirements for other aspects of these installations.

Prior to beginning installation, familiarize yourself with these tips to ensure that your gas and electrical work is safe, and it complies with BC regulations. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.