During Technical Safety BC railway safety audits, safety officers assess whether railways and their crews understand and comply with the applicable rules and regulations, this includes the Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR), The Rules Respecting Track Safety,  Safety Management System Regulations, Railway Medical Rules, and the railway’s own General Operating Instructions (GOIs).

Recent audits have revealed that some railways are failing to:

  • ensure employees in safe critical positions are medically certified;
  • re-qualify their rail crew after their training or medical certifications have expired.

Railways should have a method of tracking employee qualifications and certification in order to ensure that all employees involved in the movement of railway equipment are in compliance with these the above requirements. Certification and/or training must be sought through a qualified provider as Technical Safety BC does not provide rail crew training and certifications.

Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to Technical Safety BC issuing a Safety Notice and/or Safety Order.