Q: Is a permit required to install a hot tub if a licensed electrician is performing the work?

Yes, a permit is required for this regulated work, even though an electrician is performing the work.

This is outlined in the Safety Standards General Regulation #12 which states, “A person must obtain the appropriate permit from the regulatory authority before performing regulated work.” And in the Electrical Safety Regulations #11, which says “When electrical work is performed on electrical equipment, a permit is required.”

Contractors are required to obtain permits – which are based on the dollar value of the work being performed -- prior to starting regulated work. Homeowners are encouraged to ask to see a copy of the permit before they permit work to start. If work is done without the required permits, Technical Safety BC may take compliance & enforcement action against the contractor.  

Wondering if work done in your home was done with the necessary permits? First, check the specifics in your jurisdiction – some locations such as the City of Vancouver and City of Victoria issue their own permits for Electrical work. If that is the case, you would need to check with the City to determine permits. If you do not reside in one of those locations, visit the permits page of our website, enter your address and see what permits have been taken out recently. Or contact us via email or phone for assistance.