Q: Amusement device permits, contractors and fines

Our amusement device safety officers are frequently asked questions from the public and clients. We’ve rounded up some of our most commonly asked questions.

Are there multiple types of amusement device contractor licenses similar to passenger ropeways and elevating devices?

In amusement devices there is only one class of contractor’s license, “Class AM”. When your license is issued, under its terms and conditions, it will list what types of devices your license applies to (waterslides, ziplines, inflated devices, major and kiddie rides, train rides). It will also list what kind of work you can do on these devices (maintain, operate, design, construct). Find more information on amusement device licenses here.

I read that a contractor had been fined for not having a contractor’s license or an operating permit. What is the money collected from fines used for?

Technical Safety BC may at times issue a monetary penalty to a contractor or individual who has not met the requirements of the Safety Standards Act. Any money collected from monetary penalties is used for public and contractor education purposes. Learn more about compliance and enforcement here.

Is there a safety code that covers amusement rides in BC and what types of rides are regulated?

The safety code that covers amusement rides in British Columbia is CSA Z267-00. This code covers both the design and operation of amusement rides and devices. Information on what rides and devices are covered can be found here.

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