Our safety officers advise:

Yes, a mountain coaster would be considered an amusement device, which is one of the technologies we deliver safety services to. To install and operate an amusement device in BC you will need to:

1. Obtain an amusement device contractor’s licence

All contractors that operate, install, perform maintenance, test and alter amusement devices must be licensed by Technical Safety BC. A licensed contractor is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Safety Standards Act, all relevant regulations, and all applicable safety orders and directives. Apply for an amusement device contractor’s licence here.

2. Submit an installation application

An installation permit lets you install or erect an amusement device. Newly built equipment or equipment from outside of BC must be approved before being installed or operated. Similarly, if you intend to build new equipment, the design must be registered before you begin. Installation permits and an acceptance inspection must occur before installing and operating amusement devices.

3. Obtain an Operating Permit

Operators putting in a new amusement device (for example, waterslides, ziplines, train rides, wakeboard tows and inflatables) must first obtain an installation permit before an operating permit may be issued. A separate application form is not needed for operating permits of amusement devices.

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