Is a permit needed for all bouncy castles?

When an inflatable device is being used at a private event such as a birthday party or backyard barbeque, a permit is not required. However, if these devices are being used at a public event such as a school fair or community block party, an operating permit is needed and a licensed contractor is required to operate it. (You can find a contractor on our website).


How do I know if a bouncy castle is safe?

When operated in a public setting there are several things the licensed contractor should be monitoring and looking for. For a parent’s sound of mind the general public can check out the following things:

  1. Bouncy castles should be securely anchored to prevent movement by the wind or user activity. This anchoring could include stakes driven into the ground, sandbags, or water containers.
  2. There should be at least one person supervising the children. Larger bouncy castles may require more than one attendant. An attendant collecting money or tickets cannot also supervise the children.
  3. Attendants should be checking that all children meet the height/size criteria.
  4. Bouncy castles and slides should not be overcrowded. If users are constantly knocking into each other the maximum user recommendation is probably being exceeded.
  5. The inflatable should be positioned in a location with warning signs in place and clearly visible. Bouncy castle instructions should be reviewed before using the device.
  6. If a generator is being used it should be located in a way that the exhaust blows away from the device. Exhaust fumes blowing into bouncy castles could lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide.

What should I do if I suspect unsafe use?

If you are aware of a bouncy castle or slide being operated in a public area that appears to be unsafe, please Report an Incident / Hazard or call 1 866 566 7233 to let us know. A safety officer will be assigned to the report and will follow up as quickly as possible.

If a contractor is operating inflatable devices unsafely and/or without the proper permits, we may take compliance and enforcement actions.