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    Safe Outdoor Heating: 7 Tips for Restaurant and Bar Owners Using Propane Space Heaters

    Stay Safe with Outdoor Heating: Essential Tips for Restaurant and Bar Owners Using Propane Space Heaters on Patios. Protect Your Guests and Employees.
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    Shockingly Simple: 7 Electrical Safety Tips for Kids at Home

    Protect your children from electrical hazards at home with these 7 simple tips. From outlet covers to GFCI outlets, learn how to keep your family safe.
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    Top FAQs About Electrical Operating Permits

    Read our top FAQs about electrical operating permits: their purpose, requirements, responsibilities, and consequences of non-compliance. Apply online today.
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    6 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe From Electrical Hazards at Home

    Learn how to protect your furry friends from electrical hazards with our tips. From keeping cords and wires out of reach to using surge protectors, we cover common electrical hazards pets may encounter.
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    What Lies Below? Digging Safety Around Natural Gas Lines

    Follow these key safety tips to leep yourself and your community safe when excavating near a gas line.
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    Bouncy Castles Safety: Know the Ups and Downs

    Keep your children safe on bouncy castles! Learn about the essential safety measures to look for before allowing your child to use them in public settings. Check out our guide on the ups and downs of bouncy castle safety to ensure that your child has a fun and safe experience at public events.
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    4 Valuable Tips for Heat Pump Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

    We put together four helpful reminders to ensure the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of heat pumps in British Columbia.
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    5 Common Mistakes Families Should Avoid When Riding the Chairlift 

    To ensure you and your family have a safe, fun-filled day on the slopes, we’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes we see on the chairlift. 
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    4 Tips to Help You Find the Right Contractor

    We've put together a list of tips to help you hire a reputable contractor that you can trust.
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