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    Ask a safety officer: Does installing a hot tub require a permit?

    If a licensed electrician is doing the install, is a permit still required?
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    Physical inspections: How do safety officers decide and prioritize?

    Physical inspections, how do safety officers decide and prioritize. What role does machine learning play in physical inspections.
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    Ask an electrical safety officer: Is installation of an electrical outlet inside a drawer permitted?

    In general, the BC Electrical Code does not allow the use of receptacles in cupboards and drawers. However, there are some exceptions. Learn more!
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    Top 4 reasons why you should report incidents and hazards

    Do you know why you should report incidents and hazards? Here are four reasons than can benefit your organization.
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    Ask an electrical safety officer: Is a permit needed to install or replace a light fixture?

    Permits are required to install any permanently-installed light fixture. Learn more here.
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    Safety officer visiting your house? 3 ways to tell it’s really us

    How to know whether someone requesting entrance to your home really represents Technical Safety BC or not.
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    Ask an electrical safety officer: Are radiant ceiling heating panels allowed in Canada?

    In 1993 and 1994, the province of British Columbia issued disconnect orders for specific types of radiant ceiling heating panels.
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    New electrical installation permit fees for renewable energy systems

    Going solar? We've introduced a new set of lowered fees for renewable energy systems, generators and batteries.
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    Meeting the challenge of artificial intelligence with safety in mind

    Artificial Intelligence and predictive algorithms will shape the future of regulatory work. But if the machines behave badly, is the upside worth it?
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