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    RV Safety Tips Before Your Adventure

    Planning to drive across the country in your RV? If you're like many who are doing RV safety checks and getting their recreational vehicle ready for vacation, add carbon monoxide (CO) safety to the checklist.
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    Ask a Safety Officer: six common BBQ mistakes

    Each year, Technical Safety BC receives reports of incidents resulting from gas barbecues. Here are six common barbecue safety mistakes – and how to avoid them.
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    The downsides of DIY videos

    Are DIY home renovation videos safe? Tutorial and DIY videos are a popular form of content on Youtube but are they safe and reliable for home renovations?
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    Extreme cold weather safety tips for homeowners

    Winter weather in the forecast? Technical Safety BC reminds homeowners to take special care of their gas and electrical appliances in the cold weather.
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    Ask a Safety Officer: Electric vehicle charger safety

    Our electrical safety officer answers common electric vehicle charger questions.
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    Top 10 Holiday Décor Safety Tips

    Stringing up lights is a great way to get ready for the holidays, but before you start on your decor, review our electrical safety tips.
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    Your home electrical safety checklist

    Conduct an electrical safety check in your home today. Use our list to identify overlooked electrical hazards that could be dangerous in your home.
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    8 signs your pet may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning

    8 signs your pet may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning: since pets are smaller and spend more time at home, they can exhibit signs of poisoning...
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    Space heater safety guide: 6 must know tips

    Though space heaters are easy to use, they also pose some hazards if not used correctly. Consider these precautions when pulling out a space heater or purchasing a new one.
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