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    Ask a PR Safety Officer: What to Do When Installing a Mountain Coaster?

    Thinking about installing a mountain coaster at your ski area? Learn what you need to do to install a mountain coaster here.
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    Ask a PR Safety Officer: What to Do When Relocating a Passenger Conveyor?

    Wanting to relocate a passenger conveyor? Find out what you need to do here.
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    Ask a PR Safety Officer: When and How Many Pre-Operational Inspection Declarations Must Be Submitted?

    Find out when and how many Pre-Operational Inspection Declarations need to be submitted here.
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    Meeting the challenge of artificial intelligence with safety in mind

    Artificial Intelligence and predictive algorithms will shape the future of regulatory work. But if the machines behave badly, is the upside worth it?
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    Embracing Emerging Technologies to Improve Safety in BC

    Artificial intelligence (AI), open source data, sensor technology, information modelling, and machine learning are big buzz words in the technology industry. Learn how we're using them to improve safety.
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