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    Ask a safety officer: gas and electrical flood safety

    Safety officer tips on how to prepare your home or workplace if a flood is imminent.
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    Ask a Safety Officer: Outdoor electrical safety

    Looking to renovate your outdoor living space? Our electrical safety officer covers common outdoor electrical safety hazards and how to avoid them.
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    Preventing ammonia release through design registration

    The design registration process can reduce the likelihood of three major problems that arise from an incident of ammonia release.
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    Carbon monoxide 101: Who is most at risk?

    Carbon monoxide 101: Carbon monoxide (CO) is a danger to everyone, but did you know certain groups are more susceptible than others?
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    Four safety tips for cabin renovations

    Before getting together for cabin renovations, or asking friends to do electrical work over beers, check out these renovation tips for cabin safety.
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    6 common causes of electrical shock in the home

    Electrical shock at home can be caused by overloaded electrical outlets, exposed wires, damaged cords and much more. Take these precautions to stay safe.
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    The 1 thing you must do before you excavate

    Digging without checking if there are buried utilities can have serious consequences. Get the facts and call before you dig.
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    Spring home tune up tips

    Spring is here - which is a great time to consider having your gas-fueled appliances checked and "tuned up" to protect against carbon monoxide.
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    Ask a gas safety officer: What kind of carbon monoxide detector should I look for?

    Here are the most important things to know when you are choosing a new carbon monoxide detector.
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