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    Shockingly Simple: 7 Electrical Safety Tips for Kids at Home

    Protect your children from electrical hazards at home with these 7 simple tips. From outlet covers to GFCI outlets, learn how to keep your family safe.
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    Top FAQs About Electrical Operating Permits

    Read our top FAQs about electrical operating permits: their purpose, requirements, responsibilities, and consequences of non-compliance. Apply online today.
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    6 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe From Electrical Hazards at Home

    Learn how to protect your furry friends from electrical hazards with our tips. From keeping cords and wires out of reach to using surge protectors, we cover common electrical hazards pets may encounter.
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    4 Black Inventors Who Changed Technical Safety

    4 Black inventors that improved safety across railways, electrical, elevating and BPVR and made their mark in history.
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    Staying Safe During Storms

    Find out how you can prepare your home and technical equipment for a storm.
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    Avoiding Winter Hazards

    Look out for these common winter hazards. Follow these cold weather safety tips to avoid unnecessary risk.
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    6 Hidden Costs of DIY Home Renovation

    Saving on a DIY home renovation could end up costing you thousands later on. Before you try to do it yourself, read about the 6 hidden costs of DIY.
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    The downsides of DIY videos

    Are DIY home renovation videos safe? Tutorial and DIY videos are a popular form of content on Youtube but are they safe and reliable for home renovations?
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    Extreme cold weather safety tips for homeowners

    Winter weather in the forecast? Technical Safety BC reminds homeowners to take special care of their gas and electrical appliances in the cold weather.
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