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    Ask a PR Safety Officer: When and How Many Pre-Operational Inspection Declarations Must Be Submitted?

    Find out when and how many Pre-Operational Inspection Declarations need to be submitted here.
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    New Electrical Installation Permit Fees for Renewable Energy Systems

    Going solar? We've introduced a new set of lowered fees for renewable energy systems, generators and batteries.
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    Ask a Gas Safety Officer: What Are the Requirements Around Propane Heaters for Construction Sites?

    Is there a specific BC or Canadian requirement for certification to connect portable propane cylinders to the actual heaters?
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    Meeting the challenge of artificial intelligence with safety in mind

    Artificial Intelligence and predictive algorithms will shape the future of regulatory work. But if the machines behave badly, is the upside worth it?
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    Embracing Emerging Technologies to Improve Safety in BC

    Artificial intelligence (AI), open source data, sensor technology, information modelling, and machine learning are big buzz words in the technology industry. Learn how we're using them to improve safety.
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    Home Suite Home: Gas and Electrical Safety in Rental Properties

    Every day Technical Safety BC receives reports of hazards from people across BC. Many of these individuals are renters who are concerned that their suites or buildings have unsafe electrical or gas equipment.
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    Have the Gas Fireplaces in Your Building Been Certified for Use in BC?

    Does your building have gas fireplaces manufactured by Canadian Fire Hearth Manufacturing Inc. and Luxor Manufacturing Inc.? If so, you’ll want to verify that they have a valid certification mark from an agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.
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