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    Here's Why You Should Bring a Portable CO Alarm on Your Next Trip

    Portable carbon monoxide alarms are lightweight, affordable, and can save your life. Learn why portable carbon monoxide alarms are a must-have for your next vacation.
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    Carbon Monoxide and Vacation Rentals: What You Need to Know for a Safe Stay

    Stay safe on vacation rentals: Learn how to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Essential tips for a secure stay in Airbnb and more.
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    7 Ways to Prevent CO Exposure in Your Vacation Rental

    If you’re a vacation property owner, there are preventable dangers like carbon monoxide (CO) to consider before welcoming guests into your home.
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    8 signs your pet may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning

    8 signs your pet may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning: since pets are smaller and spend more time at home, they can exhibit signs of poisoning...
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    Warming up to patio heaters: what British Columbians need to know to stay safe this spring season

    With the help of the Canadian Propane Association, Technical Safety BC has compiled some important patio heater safety tips for British Columbians.
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    How to identify the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

    Carbon monoxide is sometimes referred to as the "silent killer" because it is so difficult to identify. Learn about the signs of CO poisoning and how to prevent it.
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    How to safeguard your home from carbon monoxide

    Jennifer Rice, BC’s Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness, talks about the importance of carbon monoxide alarms. Read more.
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    Carbon monoxide 101: Who is most at risk?

    Carbon monoxide 101: Carbon monoxide (CO) is a danger to everyone, but did you know certain groups are more susceptible than others?
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    Vacation home appliances can be deadly

    Off-grid properties usually fuel their appliances by portable propane gas bottles and tanks. These appliances can be deadly. Read more.
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