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    Ask a safety officer: gas and electrical flood safety

    Safety officer tips on how to prepare your home or workplace if a flood is imminent.
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    Ask a Safety Officer: Outdoor electrical safety

    Looking to renovate your outdoor living space? Our electrical safety officer covers common outdoor electrical safety hazards and how to avoid them.
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    Ask a safety officer: Amusement device permits, contractors and fines

    Our amusement device safety officers are asked what they look for during an inspection, to what permits are required for specific amusement device.
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    Ask a gas safety officer: What do I need to know about appliances exposed to water?

    Before reconnecting equipment exposed to water, a qualified individual must thoroughly inspect the equipment and replace any damaged components.
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    Ask a safety officer: how to prevent electrical fires

    Burn Awareness Week this year is about electrical fires. Our electrical safety officer answers common questions about preventing electrical fires in the home.
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    Starting up your refrigeration system, what you need to know

    As many ice rinks across B.C. prepare to resume operations, we released the following seasonal startup list to help ensure your refrigeration system will operate safely throughout the season.
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    Hitting the water park this summer? Waterslide safety questions answered

    Summer means more people on the waterslide. How do I know the slide is safe? Where do I report unsafe waterslides? Read our top waterslide questions.
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    What is the difference between a gas “product approval” and a “commissioning approval”?

    Learn the difference between these two types of appliance product approvals for regulated gas appliances.
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    Ask a safety officer: Does installing a hot tub require a permit?

    If a licensed electrician is doing the install, is a permit still required?
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