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    Over-pressurization protection in ammonia refrigeration systems

    Technical Safety BC introduced a safety order for ammonia refrigeration plants in March, 2021 to address safety concerns around secondary coolant over-pressurization in new and operating ammonia refrigeration plants in BC.
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    Warming up to patio heaters: what British Columbians need to know to stay safe this spring season

    With the help of the Canadian Propane Association, Technical Safety BC has compiled some important patio heater safety tips for British Columbians.
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    10 tips for creating a safe and spooky scene this Halloween

    Before you add any Halloween decor, review our safety tips to avoid fire, electrical shock and other hazards.
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    Ask a safety officer: gas and electrical flood safety

    Safety officer tips on how to prepare your home or workplace if a flood is imminent.
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    Ask a Safety Officer: Home office electrical safety

    Our electrical safety officer covers common home office electrical hazards, and how to avoid them.
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    Ask a Safety Officer: Outdoor electrical safety

    Looking to renovate your outdoor living space? Our electrical safety officer covers common outdoor electrical safety hazards and how to avoid them.
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    Ask a safety officer: Amusement device permits, contractors and fines

    Our amusement device safety officers are asked what they look for during an inspection, to what permits are required for specific amusement device.
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    What safety officers look for during an amusement ride inspection

    Want to know what our safety officers are looking for when inspecting your amusement rides? Get prepared for their visit by reviewing this list.
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    Ask a gas safety officer: What do I need to know about appliances exposed to water?

    Before reconnecting equipment exposed to water, a qualified individual must thoroughly inspect the equipment and replace any damaged components.
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