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    Ask an electrical safety officer: I'm installing a natural gas stove. Is an outside-vented range hood mandatory or can I use a recirculating range hood?

    Unless the installation instructions of the new range specifically require an exhaust hood vented to the outdoors, there is no other code requirement under the Gas Safety Regulation which requires a hood for a residential range.
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    Buying and selling manufactured homes

    Manufactured homes are considered regulated products, which means there are specific safety considerations. Here’s what to know before you buy or sell one.
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    Top 4 reasons why you should report incidents and hazards

    Do you know why you should report incidents and hazards? Here are four reasons than can benefit your organization.
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    Ask a gas safety officer: What kind of carbon monoxide detector should I look for?

    Here are the most important things to know when you are choosing a new carbon monoxide detector.
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    Ask an electrical safety officer: Is a permit needed to install or replace a light fixture?

    Permits are required to install any permanently-installed light fixture. Learn more here.
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    Ask a Gas Safety Officer: What Inspections Are Required for a Contractor Installing or Replacing Gas Appliances?

    Gas Safety Regulation requires the holder of a permit, or the gas fitter that represents the holder of the permit, to notify Technical Safety BC that regulated work has been performed.
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    Ask a gas safety officer: What type of permit is required for a mobile camp?

    Mobile camps may consist of relocatable structures consisting of multiple certified mobile trailers/manufactured buildings which are not considered certified mobile homes. They are considered as a unit and require a commercial installation permit per unit.
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    Own an Elevator or Escalator? Here's What You Need to Know

    Own an elevator or escalator? Here Technical Safety BC answer some of the common questions asked from elevating device asset owners.
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    9 Refrigeration Safety Tips

    These nine recommendations are based on our investigation findings from the Fernie Memorial Arena on October 17, 2017
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